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Trish McIntire has been preparing income taxes since 1988. She began as a preparer for the Arkansas City H&R Block franchise. Trish served as Senior Preparer with responsibilities which included education and training of other tax preparers and the development of tax materials. Trish has experience on preparing all types of tax returns on both the Federal and State level. Committed to keeping current on the tax rules, she has completed over 90 hours of continuing tax education in the last three years and is a member of The National Association of Tax Professionals and National Association of Enrolled Agents. In 2003, Trish earned the Internal Revenue Service's Enrolled Agent designation. She is also the author of the blog- Our Taxing Times. Trish covers tax changes, the tax system, and the tax preparation business (and small business in general) from a small town point of view. Our Taxing Times regularly ranks in the top 25 of tax blogs by

Preparing your return is only part of our job. McIntire Tax Center is available all year. Extended off-season hours and a local owner ensure that when you have a tax question or problem you can quickly get the answer you need.

Enrolled Agent


"Recognized to practice before the IRS." Unlike CPA, the phrase "Enrolled Agent" is relatively unknown to the general public. It is an IRS program which gives tax professionals the same rights and privileges as certified public accountants or lawyers. An enrolled agent can represent a client at all administrative levels of the IRS and negotiate for that client. Since they are nationally registered, an Enrolled Agent can appear before the IRS in any state.

Luckily, most taxpayers will not need the representation ability of an Enrolled Agent. For the general public, the importance of an Enrolled Agent status is based in the testing and continuing education required to obtain and maintain enrollment. In order to receive the Enrolled Agent designation, a tax preparer must take and pass an 3 part exam covering all types of returns and situations. Once the exam has been passed, the IRS must approve the Enrolled Agent application. The tax professional is enrolled for 3 years and is required to take 72 hours of continuing education during the 3 years and maintain professional standards. If either of these requirements are not met, the tax professional will lose their Enrolled Agent designation. With a tax preparer who is an Enrolled Agent, you know you are getting a professional with the ability to handle all tax situations.

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You can rely on us.The Internal Revenue Code is a confusing collection of laws and interpretations. McIntire Tax Center will use our experience and training to prepare your return as accurately as possible. If you are notified about any proposed change on any return we have prepared, let us know immediately. We will correspond with the tax authority to verify their information. If we have made a mistake, we will take responsibility for the error. That includes preparing all required paperwork and we will pay the interest and penalty assessed on our error.

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Privacy Policy

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Keeping Your Information Private. In order to prepare your tax return, we require information from you. We understand that your info is personal and by sharing it with us you place trust in us. Our privacy policy policy is simple: all personal information you provided to McIntire Tax Center stays at McIntire Tax Center. Whether it comes to us over the internet. the phone or face-to-face, any information you give us or given to us by a 3rd party at your request is confidential. We follow all IRS regulations concerning confidentiality and protection of your privacy. We do not sell or share your information. We do maintain a client list for in-house mailings. Should you choose not to receive mailings as part of that list, please let us know. Contact McIntire Tax Center by phone at 620-442-6227 or e-mail at

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