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They changed the rules again! Tax rules and regulations are always changing as our elected officials make tax cuts, increase the tax, or change programs. At McIntire Tax Center, we spend a lot of time keeping up on the changes and how they will effect the average taxpayer. This continuing education allows us to take advantage of all available deductions and tax programs. It also give us information on the latest scams and schemes to protect you from future problems with the IRS.

If you have never used a paid preparer before, the process is simple. Most clients come in for a visit with Trish. Of course, you need to bring in your W-2s and 1099s from all sources, and if you have a business or rental, the income and expenses for that. While a copy of the previous years tax return is not necessary, one can be very helpful. We will also need to see the Social Security cards for everyone on the return and the dates of birth for everyone. Depending on the complexity of your return, we can generally give you an estimate of the refund/balance due before you leave. Once your return is complete, we will be happy to E-file it for you at no charge. You receive a full paper copy of your tax return for your records or we can send you a electronic copy.

We also have a drop-off service that allows you to leave you tax info with us or send it by mail, e-mail or fax. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (620) 442-6227.

Tax return preparation charges are very reasonable at McIntire Tax Center. Our preparation charges are based on the forms and worksheets required. We begin with a base charge of about $75 for Federal and Kansas with one W-2. From there, the charge depends on what other forms and work are required. It is hard to estimate a charge before we get the return mostly done. However, if you change your mind any time before the return is e-filed, we will return all your original information to you and there will be no charge. We do not charge to E-file any return we prepare, but there will be additional charge if you wanted to use the e-Collect program. Payment can be made by check, cash, credit or debit card. It doesn't have to be paid at the time of the interview but payment must be made before the return is e-filed.


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Convenient and accurate! The IRS's electronic filing program is an example of a government program that is simple to use and provides real benefits to taxpayers. Once your return is completed and a signature form has been signed, McIntire Tax Center securely transmits your federal and state return to the IRS. The IRS then forwards your state return to the correct state. The IRS also checks the return for accuracy of SSN's and dependent information. Then they notify us that they have accepted the return.

There are many advantages to electronic filing:

Not only can you e-file your return, you can get your refund direct deposited in your own account or pay your balance due electronically. The electronic filing program has been supplemented by the electronic payment programs. Direct debit and credit cards can now be used to pay a tax return balance due. For taxpayers who make estimate payments, the EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) program allows you to schedule and make your estimate payments at your convenience.

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Your Preparation Fee Can Be Deducted From Your Refund. McIntire Tax Center is please to offer the e-Collect program. This new program allows the tax return preparation charge to be deducted from your tax refund. Your return is e-filed. When the IRS releases your refund for direct deposit, e-Collect goes to work. They re-direct your refund after the tax preparation and bank fees are deducted. Your remaining refund can be release to you one of three ways. A check can be written and picked up at our office. The balance can be direct deposited into your own account. Or, you can have your refund loaded onto a Visa debit card which you can use at businesses for purchases or at ATMs for cash withdrawal. The additional fees for e-Collect are very reasonable and depend on how you choose to receive you refund.

Please note: McIntire Tax Center is no longer offering Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs). This decision was made after an analysis of our RAL business in recent years. The e-Collect program will allow fees your to be withheld and get your refund quickly but not at the speed of a RAL.

You are not required to participate in the e-Collect program. Should you choose to take advantage of this program, there are some special requirements which include but are not limited to:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. The return must be eligible to e-file.
  3. You must present a current picture ID.
  4. You can not owe back taxes, child support, in default on a student or VA loan, or any reason that the IRS will hold your money.(Ral)

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (620) 442-6227.

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Representation and Planning

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The Letter From the IRS. One of the most un-nerving events is to get a letter from the IRS in the mail. It can be frustrating, confusing, and ruin an otherwise good day. Whether McIntire Tax Center prepared the original return or not, we can help you deal with the IRS.

Tax representation at McIntire Tax Center is based on the services you need. We can do as little as explain what the IRS is wanting, and help you get the information together. If necessary, we can act as your representative with the IRS. We can also help you prepare for the tax consequence of a life change. A few of the areas we can help you with are:

If you have an IRS letter or just a question, please give us a call.

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Self-Service Filing

If you have a simple tax return and are comfortable using the computer, you can file your taxes online through McIntire Tax Center. We have partnered with our tax software company, Drake Software, to offer a secure site that will allow you to file your Federal tax return and most states returns. Prices:

There are a wide assortment of payment options available for your convenience. The graphic link above will take you to where you can begin the process.
Begins January 17th

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Our Taxing Times

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Trish is the author of the weblog- Our Taxing Times. Begun in 2004, OTT covers tax changes, the tax system, and the tax preparation business (and small business in general) from a small town point of view. Not just targeted at current clients, OTT seeks to give readers the info they need to make smart tax choices without bogging them down in info they don't need. Readers will find tips about finding a tax professional, tax planning, tax changes, and of course, what is happening in our office. Our Taxing Times regularly ranks in the top 25 of tax blogs by


McIntire Tax Center also has a fan page on Facebook. Our hope is that the page will become an interactive page where there can be give and take on taxes.

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